Entropion: When Eyelids Turn the Wrong Way

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What is it?

Entropion is the rolling in of the eyelid margin, causing hair to rub against the eye. This can lead to irritation, pain, ulceration, and potentially serious eye damage.

What causes it?

Most cases of entropion are attributed to breed-related eyelid anatomical problems, such as overly long eyelids or excess skin around the eyes. Occasionally, it can occur due to other eye conditions.

How is it treated?

Entropion requires surgery to correct the eyelid abnormalities. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia with the aid of magnification. The most common technique involves removing a small crescent of skin from below the eye, along with the removal of a small wedge from the lower lid to shorten it. For young puppies, a simpler procedure may be appropriate. Patients will be discharged on the day of the procedure with eye ointment, oral medications, and an e-collar to prevent rubbing.

What to expect after surgery?

After surgery, the eyelid will function as normal and stop rubbing against the surface of the eye. The success rate of entropion surgery is very high; however, eyelid shape and position can change with time and age. Another corrective surgery is sometimes required, though this is uncommon.

How can we help?

Our experienced veterinary team can diagnose and perform high-level entropion repair surgery.

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