The Ophthalmic Service is provided by Dr Gavin Newman MA VetMB CertVOphthal a veterinary graduate of Cambridge University (UK) with extensive experience in advanced ocular diagnosis, treatment and surgery gained over 10 years working as a clinician in veterinary ophthalmic referral practice in Adelaide.

We can ensure an extremely high level of ocular care through this Ophthalmic Service providing a prompt and efficient service for all types of eye disease and injures in small animals. Using state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment we treat a wide range of ocular conditions.

These include:
  • Lens luxation
  • Cherry eye
  • Corneal ulcers and perforations
  • Complex eyelid problems
  • Glaucoma
  • Ocular neoplasia
  • Corneal foreign bodies
  • Blindness
  • Distichiasis cryotherapy
  • Dry eye (Keratoconjunctivtis sicca)
  • Retinal disease
  • Placement of intrascleral prosthesis (prosthetic eye)

A 30 minute eye appointment is scheduled for each eye case involving a full history and clinical examination including mydriasis when required.

Following this, further investigations and or treatment options are discussed – the relative merits and costs involved.

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