SARDS = Sudden Vision Loss

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What is it?

SARDS stands for Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome. This is a disease in which the retina suddenly and irreversibly degenerates. The retina is located at the back of the eye and is responsible for absorbing light and converting this information into a signal to be sent to the brain for interpretation. As the retina no longer functions, SARDS unfortunately leads to total blindness.

What causes it?

The cause of SARDS is unknown, despite numerous research projects investigating possible causes.

How is it diagnosed?

A diagnosis is made based on patient history and a physical examination, in conjunction with a test called an electroretinogram (ERG). An ERG is a test to determine if the retina is functioning by assessing how it responds to light. This is performed under sedation.

Can it be treated?

Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for SARDS, and it does lead to blindness. Despite this, dogs can lead a happy life following the diagnosis. We can discuss the best ways to manage your pet’s loss of sight during your consultation.

How can we help?

Our experienced veterinary team can diagnose SARDS.

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