Dental Staging: Sometimes 2 Is Better Than 1

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At Paws at Prospect Vet, we perform our canine and feline dental procedures across two stages. This is becoming a more common practice in veterinary medicine.

But what is dental staging, and why do we do it?


– Dental X-Rays
– Full Oral Health Examination
– Scale and Polish Teeth
– Assess Tooth Extractions
– Accurately Quote for Stage Two



– Local Anaesthetic Application
– Tooth Extractions
– Gum Suturing (if required)


Stage Two is conducted 2-3 weeks after Stage One. By splitting the procedure into two, we can prioritise your pet’s safety and well-being while also providing more transparency on treatment and costs.

Here’s how:

Shorter Anaesthesia

Two shorter anaesthetics are considered safer than one long anaesthesia. When Stage One and Stage Two are performed in a single procedure, the anaesthetic time can become lengthy, sometimes lasting a few hours.

Faster Recovery

Shorter procedures promote quicker and smoother recoveries for your pet.

Accurate Treatment & Plan

Attempting to accurately estimate how much dental extractions will cost whilst your pet is awake is difficult. Stage One allows for a complete oral health assessment with the use of dental x-rays, the ability to probe the gumlines and thoroughly examine the mouth whilst they are asleep.  This ensures a tailored plan for Stage Two and a more accurate cost estimate with no surprises!


Commonly Asked Questions

What if there the required extractions are only minor?

If the extractions required are quick and simple, they will be removed during Stage One after a discussion with you.

Why has it not always been done this way?

Veterinary dental medicine has advanced in recent years, allowing us to improve the standard of care. Previously, hand-held scalers were used and teeth were removed with cutting wire. We did not use human-grade dental machines, dental x-rays, gum sutures, or even local anaesthetic. So, staged dentals were not required as they weren’t as involved and time-consuming. We also know more about anaesthetic safety now.

Is it just so you can make more money?

Absolutely not. In fact, we actually reduce the anaesthetic costs for Stage Two dentals as compensation.

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