Set Your Pup Up for Success

Give your furry friend the best start in life with Puppy School! We’ll help your puppy thrive by providing socialisation with other puppies in a safe, supervised environment. This crucial interaction period teaches them proper doggy etiquette and sets the foundation for a well-adjusted canine companion.

You’ll learn valuable knowledge about dog behavior, effective training techniques, and how to navigate common puppy challenges with confidence.

Our classes are led by qualified dog trainer, Tiffany Phillips from Strong Foundations Dog Training, who will equip you with the skills to build a strong bond with your furry friend. Additionally, a veterinary nurse will be present to answer your questions and provide puppy healthcare advice.

Photo showing entry to Paws at Prospect Vet
Photo showing entry to Paws at Prospect Vet

What will your puppy learn?

  • Basic commands
    – Sit
    – Stand
    – Place/bed/mat
    – Lie down/drop
    – Give/swap
    – Stay
    – Leave it
    – Recall/come
  • Greeting manners
  • Loose lead walking

What will you learn?

  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Toilet training
  • Socialisation techniques
  • To teach recognition without reaction (being
    calm in public)
  • Coping with common problem behaviours
  • Enrichment and mental stimulation ideas
  • Nutrition and feeding
  • Basic grooming
  • Car travel safety
  • Preventative healthcare

Socialisation vs Socialising

Did you know that ‘Socialising’ and ‘Socialisation’ are not the same thing? Socialising is meeting and interacting with people and other dogs (being social) and it forms a small part of socialisation.

Socialisation is a broader concept that is more complex than just greeting dogs in the park or exposure to other pets in the home. Socialisation is the process of safely and
positively exposing your puppy to a wide range of experiences – such as other people, other animals, sounds, different environments, objects, and situations.

When puppies are in their critical developmental period (usually 3-12 weeks of age), their little minds are like sponges as they absorb their surroundings and new experiences.

These experiences, whether positive or negative, can shape how they react to future situations as an adult. This is why safe socialisation is important.

When done right, positive socialisation can help prevent fearful reactions, teach them to feel comfortable and confident with things in their proximity and lead to well-adjusted and happy dogs!

Photo showing entry to Paws at Prospect Vet

Puppy School Overview

  • Led by a qualified dog trainer
  • Assisted by a veterinary nurse
  • 5-week course (1 class per week)
  • Puppies attend every week
  • Wednesday nights from 7:00pm-8:00pm
  • This course is designed for puppies between 8 and 14 weeks old
  • All puppies must be up to date with vaccinations
  • $200 for the course
  • Bookings are required
  • Complete the form below to register your interest or phone us on 08 8344 5162
Photo showing entry to Paws at Prospect Vet

Enquire Online

To enquire about upcoming classes, please complete the form below and our Puppy School Coordinator will be in touch with you soon.

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