Solensia© - There are now other options for managing your cat’s arthritis pain

Picture of a cat walking down a cat tower with caption, is your cat slowing down?

Solensia© is a new type of medication that is specifically designed to treat osteoarthritis pain in cats – it is unlike anything else we have seen before. Solensia is a monoclonal antibody, which means that it works by targeting and neutralising a specific protein that is involved in the pain process.

How does it work?

Solensia is given via convenient monthly injections, removing the challenge of daily pain medication. It blocks a key pain mediator and reduces the pain your cat feels associated with arthritis.

Solensia has a positive safety profile and is generally well tolerated, especially when compared to other arthritis medications, such as anti-inflammatories.

What can you expect?

Solensia has been shown to significantly reduce pain and improve the mobility and quality of life of cats. All this for a full month with a single injection.

What happens next?

Arthritis is a life-long condition that cannot be cured. However, it can be managed effectively to help your cat live life to the fullest. Speak to one of our veterinarians to find out more about Solensia and if it is suitable for your cat.

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